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There should never be a delay for pay day. Skip cheques and get your money faster with direct deposit.

Every payday you'll get your money on time with instant access to your money when you need it.

Multiple layers of protection, like encryption and secure firewalls, are there to help protect your money.

How to set up a direct deposit

Sign on to online banking to get your pre-filled form. Print and sign your completed form and give it to your employer or issuer. All set! You’re ready to start gettng money directly into your chequing account.

Simply provide your account details to your employer or issuer. You’ll need your transit number, branch number and account number. You can find this information on a void cheque or under “More Services” when you sign on to online banking.

More ways to bank

Deposit cheques on the fly

Download or log on to the Simplii Mobile App. Then, take a quick snap of your cheque to deposit your money.

Need to deposit cash? No problem.

Free unlimited access to all CIBC ATMs across Canada. With ATMs throughout Canada, you can easily find one close to home.

Get your money back faster with Autodeposit

Your friend forgot their wallet again?

Have them pay you back using Interac e-Transfer — you’ll get your money right away. No security questions, no hassles.

Send a friendly reminder

Still waiting to be paid back? Send a Request Money and avoid a friendship breakup.

Learn more about Interac e-Transfer

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