Stop banking scams, every time

Ever get those calls from people claiming to be with the government, police or CRA and threatening to get you into trouble unless you pay up? Ignore them.

Avoid following links or downloading files from strange sources or ads, and never give your banking information to a person or company you don't know and trust.

If you get an urgent request from an unknown number or email address, just delete them. Red flags include weird links, no personal details and spelling mistakes.

Notice anything suspicious? Let us know.

Educate yourself about different kinds of financial scams

Is it safe? Or a scam? Test your fraud smarts now.

Take our 5-minute quiz to find out if you can identify common frauds and scams.

Discover some common scams and frauds

Fraudsters steal your info to redirect Interac e-Transfer transactions to their own accounts. Use our tips to safeguard your funds.

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Spotting card fraud helps keep you and your bank account safe. Use our tips to protect yourself from popular scams.

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Fraudsters go phishing to get your personal details via fake emails, texts or calls. Learn the warning signs and how to safeguard your info.

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Explore the newest scams

Scammers pressure people into sending them cryptocurrency. Find out how cryptocurrency fraud happens — and how to protect yourself.

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Romance scammers exploit people looking for love, building a fake relationship to take money from their target. Explore our guide to the world of romance scams.

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Buying or selling an item online? Scammers have lots of ways to trick you out of your money. Find out how to avoid these scams.

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Fraud and scam types

How Simplii protects you from fraud and scams

Your voice is just as unique as you are. Enrol in voice verification to protect your identity.


Completing a sensitive request? We'll send you a one-time verification code to make sure it's really you.

Don't trust anyone promising a CRA payment. Only you can set up CRA direct deposit for your account through online banking.

Set your minimum balance amount and get an alert if your account dips below it.

Other helpful resources

Learn how to spot all the usual signs of a scam.

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Study up on all kinds of fraud — and what to do if you've been scammed.

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Senior folks are often targeted by fraudsters. Find out how to avoid these types of scams.

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Discover all the scams affecting Canadians, and where to report fraud.

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