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Explore flexible credit-card payment options

If you're unable to make your minimum payment, Quick Pay lets you pay smaller amounts for a little while, until you can take care of the outstanding balance.

Missed a few payments? Flex Play lets you repay the amount later on in one lump sum or 3 consecutive payments to help return your account to good standing.

Adjust your mortgage to fit your life

If your employment or income changes, get in touch with our mortgage specialists. They can review your mortgage terms and potentially adjust them for your current situation.

Not sure you can pay your mortgage this month? Our mortgage specialists can discuss alternative payment options that'll work for you.

More ways we can help

Debt consolidation means converting multiple unsecured debts from your Simplii credit card, personal line of credit, loans and overdraft protection into a single loan. This can help simplify your debt repayment since you'll just have one monthly loan payment. 

Set up pre-authorized payments to help you pay your bills on time every month, stress-free. To explore this option, call us at 1-888-723-8881 Opens your phone app..

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Get in touch to create your personalized repayment plan. Call us at 1-877-521-1458 Opens your phone app..