Important information! If you accepted a promotional interest rate offer or have a loan or GIC set to renew, we will send notices 21 and 5 days before expiry. Notices are usually sent via email if you’ve provided us with your email address. You can update your delivery preferences at any time by using the chat feature or calling us.

Contributions are tax-deductible, but when you withdraw any funds, the amount is taxable unless, for example, you are eligible to use the funds as a first-time home buyer. 

Withdrawals are considered as income and may impact amounts you receive from income-tied government benefits or credits.

Withdrawals from a Tax-Free Savings Account are not considered as income and do not impact amounts you receive from income-tied federal government benefits or credits.

Save for your future easily with high interest rates

  • Great interest rates
  • Risk-free: your principal and interest are always guaranteed
  • No minimum deposits or balances needed to open your account

Ready to open an RRSP account?

You can apply by logging onto your online banking or call us at 1-888-723-8881Opens your phone app..


Interest is calculated on the daily closing balance and is paid into your account monthly.

Rates subject to change.

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