Whatever you're saving for, SimpliiTM has got your back

High Interest Savings Account

On new deposits

Save money knowing you have the freedom to withdraw it, when you need it.

Tax-Free Savings Account

On new deposits

Tax-free savings to help you live the dream: whether it’s a getaway, renovation or for a rainy day.

RRSP Savings Account

On new deposits

Whether it’s freedom 45 or later, be prepared with great rates and no minimum balance.

What you can get

Savings your way

Short-term, long-term— whatever. Simplii has options for all your savings goals

No monthly fees

There’s no monthly fees, fixed terms, or minimum deposits to open your account.

Great rates

You can count on our great rates to help you grow your savings faster.

Already have a savings account with us?

Thanks for banking with us! Getting bonus interest is easy — call to sign up for this offer: 1-866-674-5609.

Offer available on the High Interest Savings Account, Tax-Free Savings Account and RRSP Savings Account.