Transcript: Finding joy in socially distant times

[Ambient music. Everything is more complicated these days. Simplii Financial]

[Panoramic shot of Vancouver skyline and trees from a balcony]

>> Vanessa (voiceover): So I've come back to my childhood home in Vancouver —

[Vanessa holds a baby while children play in background]

— and I'm living at my sister's house —

[Vanessa, 36. Jewellery Designer. Vanessa sits in kitchen]

>> Vanessa: — helping her and her husband, who are both doctors —

[Child hands flower to Vanessa. Baby takes a bite of food. Child blows dandelion seeds at the camera]

— take care of their 3 kids.

[Joe sits in a home office with 2 large monitors in front of him]

>> Joe (voiceover): So, financially speaking, if you're smart about your money —

[Joe, 37. Director of Development. Joe sits in home office]

>> Joe: — you always sort-of have a rainy day fund. But I never really planned for —

[Joe walks out of building onto sidewalk, wearing a face mask]

>> Joe (voiceover): — the torrential rainfall, and I don't think a lot of people did.

[Carmilla, 39. Hair & Makeup Artist. Carmilla sits in home office]

>> Carmilla: Currently, I am unable to work.

[Carmilla does her makeup, the video sped up to double-time]

>> Carmilla (voiceover): My business plan did not include a pandemic. But now it does.

[0:30] [Aris, 28. Youth Support Worker. Aris sits in living room]

>> Aris: Well, my salary is still the same.

[Video chat shows Aris calling Mama in Congo DRC]

>> Aris (voiceover): The only difference is how much I support my mom. My mom lives in Congo DRC. So it's very —

[Aris sits in living room]

>> Aris: — tough in that sense.

[Devon and his girlfriend play a videogame]

>> Devon (voiceover): So I'm isolated with my girlfriend.

[Devon, 26. Human Resources. Devon sits in kitchen]

>> Devon: She's a nurse, uh, she works in surgical units full-time.

[Miriam, 27. Public Relations. Miriam sits on couch in living room]

>> Miriam: Isolating, as important as it is right now —

[Outside Miriam’s house. Miriam stands on stoop and opens book]

>> Miriam (voiceover): — and a huge component of a much bigger picture, it can feel really restraining.

[Miriam sits on couch in living room]

>> Miriam: So giving myself little breaks —

[Miriam stands on stoop and puts sunglasses on head]

>> Miriam (voiceover): — definitely helps.

[Carmilla lifts weights]

>>Carmilla (voiceover): Working out has helped me —

[1:00][Carmilla dances]

— deal with stress and the anxiety.

[Aris dances]

>> Aris (voiceover): I dance all the time (laughs).

[Devon walks outside]

>> Devon (voiceover): My saving grace was music.

[Computer monitor shows an online boardgame]

>> Joe (voiceover): Game nights with my friends from college.

[Vanessa produces a pattern on leopard-print fabric. Vanessa cuts the fabric. Vanessa uses a sewing machine to sew mask. Niece pulls mask ear-loop]

>>Vanessa (voiceover): I started making the masks —

[Niece and Vanessa wear matching masks]

— because I felt like that was something I could do and could make.

[Carmilla sits in home office] 

>> Carmilla: Now, I'm writing a Business 101 class —

[Poster for Carmilla’s online class]

>> Carmilla (voiceover): — for makeup artists. 

[Aris videochats with a student]

>> Aris (voiceover): There's 25 kids —

[Aris sits in living room]

— that I'm working with, so that's keeping me lighthearted. 

[Miriam sits on couch in living room]

>> Miriam: It feels nice to be able to send someone a surprise. 

[Miriam shopping online on her laptop]

>> Miriam (voiceover): So I try to order from local businesses. 

[Joe feeds fish in an outdoor pond. Koi fish swim in pond]

>> Joe (voiceover): Being so isolated has really helped me —

[Joe sits in home office]

>> Joe: — to reach out to family.

[1:30][Joe videochats with Joe’s Abuela]

>> Joe’s Abuela: Hola! Mi amor!

>> Joe: So I feel like I'm more connected to people now than ever before.

[Devon videochats with parents]

>>Devon (voiceover): I love chatting with my parents over FaceTime. 

[Devon lies on couch with laptop]

It's just the small things.

[Vanessa sits in kitchen]

>> Vanessa: I think it's really a hard time for everybody, but already I feel —

[Vanessa creates art. Children play. Vanessa uses a handmixer as children watch. Vanessa makes face mask with niece]

>> Vanessa (voiceover): — very lucky for this time with my family. 

[Children bike along sidewalk]

I won't ever probably have it again. 

[Vanessa sits in kitchen]

>> Vanessa: So I'm very grateful for that.  

[All six people’s faces appear on screen in a grid. They fade away to reveal text]

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