Transcript: My happiness fund

[Chill jazzy music playing. Dreamy shot of flower blossoms in the sunlight, and the Simplii Financial logo appears.]

Sarah: It used to be the case when I was younger that I would purposely put on blinders and just think, “You know what? I don't have to look at that account.”

[Large “Connect Four” game is set up in the backyard as Atticus is inserting blue and red dots. Mila is looking on and steps in close to her brother. Atticus is putting in more blue dots.]

[Sarah, in a bright red shirt, sitting on her outdoor couch, talking.]

Money for me now is approachable, accessible, easily movable and I can hold myself accountable for where the money is sitting and earning, versus where the money needs to go and be spent.

[Mila watching Atticus intently. Atticus plunks two red dots into the Connect Four.]

[Both kids run into the house.]

[Mila is kneeling on the floor and dumps out a plastic bag of Scrabble tiles onto the ground. The sound of Scrabble tiles hitting the floor is heard.]

[Atticus is on the floor, spelling out “My Happiness Fund” with the Scrabble tiles.]

And I'm able to do that with the visibility I have using Simplii.

[Sarah walks into the room with her laptop open. A gentle R&B song playing.]

[Sarah on her couch, talking.]

So the little feature where you can name your own accounts has been fantastic for me, because when I open up and I look at my banking portfolio, it’s sort of like I'm looking at a book of my finances and each account is, say, the name of a chapter.

[The Simplii website is open on Sarah’s laptop, and she is scrolling through her accounts.]

[Sarah lifts a smiling Mila up and carries her towards her bedroom for reading and naptime.]

So the happiness fund, that means something to me.

[Sarah and Mila are lying down in the bed, reading a book while the sun streams in.]

The travel fund means something to me.

 [Sarah is standing over Mila and gives her a kiss, while Mila holds her stuffed animal in bed.]

[Sarah on her couch, talking.]

Atticus’ savings account, that means something to me.

[Sarah is now in yoga clothes. She rolls out her purple yoga mat on the floor. We see her face profile as

she does a side twist. In a lunge, she lifts her arms up over her head, with her hands coming together.]

It’s just a really nice way to bank.

[Inspirational chill song playing. Sarah places her strawberry smoothie down on her coffee table as she sits

back on the couch with her iPad, tucking her legs underneath her.]

As a frequent daydreamer, I do like to translate my daydreams and my thoughts into lists.

[Sarah on her couch, talking.]

[Closeup on the iPad as Sarah scrolls through her lists. They are in categories, and then she scrolls over to the next page which has the links and images.]

The lists allow me to organize these ideas, thoughts and wants into reality.

[Closeup on Sarah’s face as she goes from looking down at her iPad, and then looks up dreamily. We

follow her face looking up, and she is now out in her back alley, with the basketball net. It has a black

backboard, red rim and chain net.]

 Right now in the “Made it Happen” list is the basketball hoop. A few years ago,

when my son was six years old, I noticed that he was really taking a liking to basketball.

[Atticus throws the basketball up into the air, with Sarah looking on, and the sun behind them. The camera

follows the basketball all the way up as it hits the backboard and drops into the net.]

And I went straight to the

“Happiness Fund,” which allowed me to take some money out, go to the hardware store, and build the backboard.

[Sarah on her couch, talking.]

[Sarah picks up the basketball up from the ground.]

So we’ve had a basketball hoop in the alley, which is fantastic.

[Sarah, smiling, throws the basketball to Atticus, who is out of frame.]

[Atticus does a lay-up and throws the basketball. It hits the backboard and falls into the net.]

We can get some exercise and enjoy family time.

[Sarah and Atticus high-fiving in the alley, in slow motion. Atticus carries the basketball under his arm, as

they both walk in slow motion towards the camera, and then they speed up as they go past.]

[Sarah on her couch, talking.]

Money’s importance in my life is that it is the great facilitator in terms of the freedom of choices I want to make.

[Sarah walks by a blossoming tree, with a bright red shirt and a white floral mask on, and her phone in a

red case. She is scrolling through her app. She walks down a street by some small businesses.]

[Sarah is inside a shop, looking at natural face products. She is pulling her hair back with her hand, while

her phone is in her other hand. We see her looking at the products through her reflection in a small mirror.

The store owner, in a brown floral mask, passes Sarah a paper bag filled with Sarah’s purchases. There is

a neon sign that reads, “heal thy self” on the wall behind them. Sarah smiles and laughs. She takes the

brown paper bag and goes to leave. We see the shop name “Harlow” as Sarah walks out of the store,

onto the sidewalk.]

Purchases, yes. But more so, who do I want to show up as in 10, 15 years? Who do I want to show up as tomorrow?

[Sarah on her couch, talking.]

If possible, can I please show up as someone who has the means to help herself?

[Sarah is making bubbles in her backyard with her kids. Atticus chases a bubble and pops it. Mila is

smiling and kicking another bubble. Mila is holding on to Sarah’s legs, looking at the camera and


Who also has the means to support her


[Mila kicks Atticus’ foot while the family is lounging on their patio furniture. Atticus is reading a book and looks over to Mila. Sarah is drinking tea in a white mug, and looks over at Mila to see what her foot is doing. She takes a sip of tea and opens a book for Mila. Sarah and Mila share a look with each other. Sarah raises her eyebrows at Mila.]

And it would be so lovely to have finances available to help others.

[Atticus grabs the “I” in the Scrabble tiles that are spread out on the floor. He places that “I” and finishes

spelling out “LIVE SIMPLII.” The screen goes white and the Simplii Financial logo comes up on screen.]