Transcript: How to make a credit card payment

[How to make a credit card payment

Simpli Financial]

[Music plays.]

[Animation of a handheld videogame appears.]

Waiting for the kids? You’ve got time to pay your credit card.

[A laptop appears. The user signs on to Simplii Financial Online Banking.]

Sign on to Simplii Financial Online Banking.

[On the “Account Summary” page, the user selects “Pay Bills” and then “Add or edit bills.”]

Go to Pay Bills, select “Add or edit bills.”

[The user searches for Simplii and selects “Visa Simplii Financial” from the results. The user enters their credit card number and a payment amount of $500.00]

Enter Simplii as the billing company and select “VISA SIMPLII FINANCIAL” in the search results. Enter your Visa* card number and the payment amount.

[A verification window pops up. The user selects “Confirm.” A pop-up window shows the transaction record and reference number.]

Confirm the details, and you’re done.

[A child’s wagon appears. A beach ball bounces into the wagon.]

You can also do it on the go.

[A smartphone user signs on to the Simplii Financial Mobile App. The user taps, “Bill Payments.”]

Just open and sign on to the mobile app and select “Bill Payments.”

[The user taps “Pay a bill,” selects Simplii Visa, and enters a payment of $500. A verification request pops up. The user taps “Yes.”]

Tap “Pay a Bill,” select Simplii Visa, enter the amount, and voila.

[A child’s swing set appears.]

Pay your credit card wherever you are. It’s that simple.

[The Simplii Financial logo appears.

No monthly fees. Great rates.]

Simplii Financial.

No monthly fees. Great rates.

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