Transcript: How to pay bills

[How to pay bills

Simpli Financial]

[Music plays.]

[Animation of a microwave heating up a bowl of food.]

Waiting for lunch? You’ve got time to pay your bills.

[A laptop appears. The user signs on to Simplii Financial Online Banking.]

Sign on to Simplii Financial Online Banking.

[On the Account Summary page, the user selects “Pay Bills”.]

Select “Pay Bills.”

[On the “Add a Bill” screen, the user searches for a company name.]

Start by searching for the company you’re paying.

[The user selects a company name, enters their account number, and selects “next.” A verification window pops up. The user selects, “Confirm.”]

Then, enter your account number. Now you’re ready.

[The “Pay Bills” screen appears. The user enters $50 as the amount and chooses a payment date.]

Next time, all you have to do is click on the company name and enter the amount you need to pay. You can even set up automatic payments to save yourself more time.

[The user selects “confirm.” A pop-up window shows the transaction record and reference number.]

Confirm the details, and you’re all set.

[A take-out food bag appears.]

You can also do it on the go.

[A smartphone user signs on to the Simplii Financial Mobile App.]

Just open and sign on to our mobile app.

[The user taps “Bill Payments.”]

Tap “Bill Payments.”

[The user taps, “Pay a bill.” The user chooses the company, the account, and enters the amount.]

Tap the company name and enter the amount you need to pay.

[The verification request pops up. The user taps “Yes.”]

Confirm the details, and voila.

[A bowl of ramen with chopsticks appears.]

Pay bills wherever you are. It’s that simple.

[The Simplii Financial logo appears.

No monthly fees. Great rates.]

Simplii Financial.

No monthly fees. Great rates.

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