Benefit from a debit card that's simple to use. The functionality is the same, but we've added more features, including enhanced security to protect you.

Shop online or in-person from around the world, wherever Mastercard® and Interac® are accepted at no additional charge.

New card, same great features

We updated our Simplii style recently, so our debit cards are getting a refresh, too.

But don’t worry: none of the features or services you love about your card are changing, and you’ll do all your banking the same as always.

We’ll slowly phase out our old cards as they expire, and roll out the new ones over time.

Any questions about your new card? Learn more about our new style

Our top priority is to protect your information and money. Your Debit Mastercard offers a Secure Code to confirm you're the authorized cardholder, as well as Mastercard Zero Liability Opens in a new window..

Use your Debit Mastercard your way

Make local and global purchases the same way you would use a credit card. Enter your information found on the back of your card at checkout.

Download Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay on your mobile device. Follow the on-screen instructions to add your debit card to your mobile wallet.

Pay with your card or make contactless purchases in store using your mobile wallet. Tap and pay for transactions up to $250.

There are 2 ways to activate your card:

  • Make a purchase with your new card and existing PIN
  • Sign on to online banking or your mobile app with your new card number and existing password

Remember to delete your old card and add your new one to your mobile wallet.

Activate your card by making a PIN transaction. Then, register for online banking and download the Simplii app to start using your account.