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Woman using her phone to pay at a point of sale machine

Money explained

Today’s technology is making life easier. Canadians are embracing it, even with their banking.

Woman wearing headphone and reclining back on couch while using phone

Life simplified

The right digital tools can make life easier and save you money and time. Just ask your fellow Canadians.

A man and a woman working together in an office

Simplii HQ

We believe everything can be made simpler, including the time it takes to read our Deep Dive on Digital Trends in Canada report. So, here’s a quick recap of some of the things we learned.

An entrepreneur by herself in a co-working space

Headlines explored

Entrepreneurs: Try these simple tips for taking care of your mental health. Your bottom line will thank you.

A father and daughter making a salad together

Headlines explored

Plant-based food isn’t just for vegans anymore. Here are some simple ways to make your diet greener.

A trendy woman shopping

Headlines explored

Reduce the environmental impact of your look with these simple habit swaps.

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