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Ted aligns his financial choices with his values, and he has no regrets.
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Video: How one savvy saver invests with intention — while living true to his values (1:56)

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Written by
Heather Thompson

Heather Thompson’s writing originated with short stories and illustrated fiction which naturally segued into the visual realm of writing for the screen. She received her introduction to writing for the industry as head treatment writer for Radke Film Group in Toronto and is currently developing two feature length genre scripts for IndustryWorks Studios in Vancouver. Her fiction work has run parallel to a 20-year career in freelance journalism with a focus on the arts, music and youth culture. She is published in a host of Canadian and international magazines, tabloids and zines including Adbusters, NOW, Elements, Highsnobiety Berlin, Bubblegumclub Cape Town, and YRB NYCs. Heather continues to explore a variety of platforms for her work, most recently penning a collection of songs with Canadian singer/songwriter Zaki Ibrahim that was released on Redbull Music.

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