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5-year Fixed Mortgage

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Special rate and APR


Special high-ratio rate††


5-year Variable Mortgage

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Special rate and APR


Special high-ratio rate††


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  • Apply for an eligible 5-year fixed or variable mortgage.
  • Set up and make pre-authorized mortgage payments from an existing or new chequing account.


A house

Calculate your bonus cash

Based on what you borrow, you could earn up to $4,000.

Cash back slider. Minimum amount: $100,000. Maximum amount: $1,000,000. Amount will round to the nearest $50,000. Enter or move the slider to the value. Use left and right or down and up arrow keys to decrease or increase the value by $50,000; Page Up and Page down to decrease or increase the value by $50,000. Use home and end keys to reach the minimum and maximum values.

Amount you borrow

Minimum amount: $100,000. Maximum amount: $1,000,000. Amount will round to the nearest $50,000.

Your bonus cash

Includes the extra $250 you’ll get when you complete the steps noted above

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