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Learn how to activate your international student GIC program account online

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Step 1: Update your address

 Step 1 of 1 Update your address

First, you have to update your address to your new Canadian home address. You can do this by signing onto the ISBO student portal Opens in a new window.. You also need to input your Canadian phone number.

Note: this the most important step. You can't do anything else if you don't have your address updated.

Step 2: Activate your debit card

 Step 1 of 5 Activate your debit card

It's time to activate your new debit card. First, download the Simplii mobile banking app.

 Step 2 of 5 Activate your debit card

Head to the bottom of the app homepage. Select Register.

Make sure to enable notifications. This is so we can get in touch to make sure you're all set up properly.

 Step 3 of 5 Activate your debit card

Put in your debit-card number, along with the expiry date. Add your phone number as well. Don't forget: you’ll need to have access to this phone number to continue the process.

 Step 4 of 5 Activate your debit card

You'll receive a text from us that will contain a one-time verification code for security purposes. Enter that code in the box indicated in the app.

 Step 5 of 5 Activate your debit card

Time to create your password. Follow the prompts in the app to set it up.

 Step 5 of 5 Activate your debit card

After completing step 5, return to the sign on screen and enter your debit-card number and digital-banking password.

Step 3: Get ready for your new account 

 Step 1 of 1 Get ready for your new account

When you sign on, there will be 2 accounts set up: your GIC program account, and your no-fee chequing account with the full balance.

The initial GIC disbursement from your chequing account will typically be ready in a few hours. (That means your first installment of money.)

Step 4: Access your funds

 Step 1 of 2 Access your funds

Once your money is all set up in your account, we'll send you an email and contact you via the app to let you know your funds are ready for use.

 Step 2 of 2 Access your funds

Got the email or message from us? Great. Head into the app. You can now use your funds.

Step 5: Set up your PIN

 Step 1 of 2 Set up your PIN

Now you'll need to head to a CIBC ATM to set up a personal identification number, or PIN. (This password will help protect your bank account, and allow you to access your funds with your debit card.)

Note: you have to get to an ATM within 72 hours to set up your PIN otherwise your debit card will be locked.

It has to be a CIBC ATM (since Simplii is owned by CIBC), but we have over 3,400 across Canada. You can find the one closest to you with our ATM Locator Opens in a new window.

 Step 2 of 2 Set up your PIN

When you get to an ATM, insert your debit card. Enter a PIN, then re-enter the PIN on the next 2 screens to confirm it.

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